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What types of steel materials are there?


1. Section steel
There are many types of section steel, which is a solid long steel with a certain cross-sectional shape and size. According to the different cross-sectional shapes, it can be divided into simple and complex cross-sections. The former includes round steel, square steel, flat steel, hexagonal steel and angle steel; the latter includes rail, I-beam, channel steel, window frame steel and special-shaped steel. Small round steel with a diameter of 6.5-9.0mm is called wire.

2. Steel plate

It is a flat steel with a large aspect ratio and large surface area. Color steel machinery is divided into thin plates (thickness <4mm), medium plates (thickness 4-25mm) and thick plates (thickness> 25mm) according to different thicknesses. Steel strips are included in the steel plate category.

3. Steel pipe

It is a long steel with a hollow section. According to its different cross-sectional shape, it can be divided into round pipe, square pipe, hexagonal pipe and various special-shaped cross-section steel pipes. According to different processing technology, it can be divided into two categories: seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe.

4. Steel wire

Steel wire is another cold processed product of wire rod. According to different shapes, it can be divided into round steel wire, flat steel wire and triangular steel wire. In addition to direct use, steel wire is also used to produce steel wire ropes, steel threads and other products. 

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