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The advantages of the EPS machine(2)


3.(EPS machine) has compact structure, light weight, good assembly of production line and easy maintenance
The electric power steering system cancels the hydraulic steering oil pump, oil cylinder, hydraulic pipeline, oil tank and other components, and the motor and reduction mechanism can be integrated with the steering column and steering gear, making the whole steering system compact in structure, light in weight, good in assembly on the production line, saving assembly time and easy to maintain.

4. (EPS machine)Through the program setting, the electric power steering system is easy to match with different models, which can shorten the production and development cycle.
Because electric power steering system has the above advantages, it has been more and more widely used in recent years.
On the basis of mechanical steering system, electric power steering system is equipped with motor and deceleration mechanism, torque angle sensor, vehicle speed sensor and ECU.