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The synthesized method of the ETPU material(1)


The synthetic methods of ETPU can be divided into two categories: solvent-free bulk polymerization and solvent-free solution polymerization. According to the reaction steps, bulk polymerization can be divided into one-step method and prepolymer method. One step is to mix oligomer diol, diisocyanate and chain extender at the same time. The one-step process is simple and easy to operate, but its reaction heat is difficult to eliminate and easy to produce side reactions. Polyester thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer was synthesized by one-step method. Firstly, the formulated amount of polyester polyol and chain extender, butanediol, were weighed in the reactor and heated to 120 ℃ for vacuum dehydration. (ETPU)Quickly add the preheated quickly, stir evenly, pour it into the preheated container, bake it in vacuum at 120 ℃, then cool it to 100 ℃ to bake the light yellow translucent polyurethane product, and then press it into test pieces on a flat press. The prepared TPU has high mechanical properties and damping properties.