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The feature of the EPS machine(2)


Improved handling stability(EPS machine)
The stability characteristics of the vehicle are tested by over steering at high speed. Using this method, an excessive angle is given to the vehicle running at high speed (100km / h) to force it to roll. In the short-time self righting process, due to the microcomputer control, the vehicle has higher stability and the driver has a more comfortable feeling.

Provide variable power steering(EPS machine)
The steering force of the electric power steering system comes from the motor. Through software programming and hardware control, the variable steering force covering the whole vehicle speed can be obtained. The magnitude of the variable steering force depends on the steering torque and vehicle speed. Whether parking, low-speed or high-speed driving, it can provide a reliable and controllable feeling, and it is easier to operate in the parking lot.
For the traditional hydraulic system, it is very difficult and expensive to obtain the variable steering torque. In order to obtain the variable steering torque, additional controllers and other hardware must be added. However, in the electric power steering system, the variable steering torque is usually written into the control module, which can be obtained by rewriting the software, and the cost is very small.

Adopt "green energy" to meet the requirements of modern vehicles(EPS machine)
The electric power steering system uses the "cleanest" electric power as energy, completely banning the hydraulic device, and there is no leakage of liquid oil in the hydraulic power steering system. It can be said that the system conforms to the trend of "greening". The system avoids pollution because it has no hydraulic oil, hoses, oil pumps and seals. The polymer used in the oil pipe of hydraulic steering system can not be recycled, which is easy to pollute the environment.