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The characteristic of the EPS machine


The system has simple structure and small space(China EPS machine)
Because the system has good modular design, it does not need to redesign, test and process different systems, which not only saves the cost, but also provides great flexibility for designing different systems, but also is easier to assemble in the production line. Because there is no oil pump, oil pipe and pulley on the engine, engineers have more room to design the system, and the control module of the system can be designed together or separately with the rack and pinion, so the space utilization of engine components is very high. The system eliminates the belt pulley and oil pump installed on the engine, and the space left can be used for installing other components. Many consumers are very concerned about vehicle maintenance when buying a car. Cars equipped with electric power steering system have no oil pump and no hose connection, which can reduce many worries. In fact, in the traditional hydraulic steering system, the accident rate of hydraulic oil pump and hose accounts for 53% of the whole system failure, such as hose oil leakage and oil pump oil leakage.

Good assembly of production line(China EPS machine)
The electric power steering system does not have the oil pump, oil pipe, flow control valve, oil storage tank and other components required by the hydraulic system. The number of parts is greatly reduced, which reduces the assembly workload, saves the assembly time and improves the assembly efficiency.
Since the electric power steering system was proposed in the mid-1980s, as the development direction of automobile steering system in the future, it will replace the existing mechanical steering system, hydraulic power steering system and electrically controlled hydraulic power steering system.