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The function of the ETPU material(1)


ETPU is a rapidly developing industry, and new technologies, new products and new uses related to it continue to emerge. The use of ETPU extends to almost all industries. At present, ETPU has been widely used in shoes, clothing, pipes, films and sheets, cables, automobiles, construction, medicine and health, national defense, sports and leisure and many other fields. ETPU is recognized as a new polymer material with green environmental protection and excellent performance. At present, ETPU mainly focuses on low-end consumption, and its high-end consumption field is basically dominated by some multinational companies, including Bayer and BASF in Germany, Lubrizol and huntsman in the United States. ETPU products with high added value are constantly developed and put into the market, and ETPU materials have become one of the fastest growing thermoplastic materials.

A. Footwear(ETPU): sports shoe logo, sports shoe air cushion, mountaineering shoes, snowshoes, golf shoes, skates, fabrics and inner fitting materials.

B. Ready to wear(ETPU): snow coat, raincoat, windbreaker, cold proof jacket, field suit, diapers, physiological pants, fabric composites (waterproof and moisture permeable).