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The function of the ETPU material(2)


C. Medicine(ETPU machine): surgical clothes, hats, shoes, hospital mattresses, ice bags, bandages, plasma bags, surgical bandages, masks, and other fabrics and inner materials, operating bed airbags.

D. National defense supplies(ETPU machine): aircraft fuel tank, weapon sealing film, tent window, military water bag, life jacket, inflatable boat, etc.

E. Sporting goods(ETPU machine): football surface and liner, inflatable bed, drinking water bag, ski gloves (waterproof bag), diving suit, snowsuit, swimsuit, snowboard, trademark, air bag, sports shirt, slimming clothes and other fabrics and lining materials.

F. Industrial products: Horn drum paper rubber edge, waterproof strip, sound insulation material, fire-proof material, fire-proof clothing, fire-proof clothing, fire-proof cloth and other fabrics, inner composite materials, wire and cable outer sheath materials.

G. Other uses: mobile phone keys, plastic inflatable toys, bed sheets, table towels, shower curtains, furniture cloth, apron, piano, computer keyboard, film covering and other fabrics and lining materials.