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The feature and performance of the EPP material


EPP machine has light specific gravity, good elasticity, earthquake resistance and compression resistance, high deformation recovery rate, good absorption performance, oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, resistance to various chemical solvents, no water absorption, insulation Heat resistance (-40 to 130 degrees), non-toxic, tasteless, 100% cycle usage and almost no reduction in performance. It is a truly environment-friendly foam plastic. EPP beads can be molded into various shapes of EPP products in the mold of the molding machine.

EPP machine is widely used in automobiles, such as bumper core material, anti-collision block, ceiling and other lining parts, door filling, headrest, sun visor, etc., which can save fuel consumption and improve the safety factor of passengers.

EPP machine has been widely used in the packaging industry, such as electronic products, medical devices, etc., especially in the packaging of export products. It has become an irreplaceable packaging material in response to the requirements of environmental protection. Because of its non-toxic and high temperature resistance, it is also widely used in food packaging and microwave heating.