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How to maintain and maintain EPS Block Moulding Machine?


1. Check before and after use

1) We must also check before and after the EPS Block Moulding Machine is used. It is necessary to determine whether the equipment can be used normally and whether there is any abnormal buzzing sound.

2) Especially the indicator lights should be confirmed first. If there are some faults, the corresponding indicator lights will be lit directly, then we cannot operate normally. We must first check and confirm that the fault has been solved before proceeding. use.

3) After use, stop the operation of the equipment, turn off the relevant power supply and valves, and cannot continue to use or energize, so as to avoid unnecessary problems.

2. Regularly carry out simple maintenance

In fact, the maintenance of EPS Block Moulding Machine is not very difficult, and the staff who use it generally know how to handle it. For most businesses, it must be implemented to the head, and everyone must operate it carefully and rotate it regularly. Only by inspection can we know what kind of problems have occurred and whether there are some parts that need to be replaced. As long as it can be maintained simply, it can also avoid many problems, prolong the service life of the equipment, and ensure our rights.